Choosing the right cannabis strain from the beginning will make your journey from seed to flower much easier, you wont be disapointed in the end because of choosing the wrong strain. It is important to choose the right genetics if you want high yield and potent flowers, therefore we recommend you to choose specific strains which fits your needs in your climate to maximise your yield.

Every experienced grower knows that the right genetics can be your best friend in your growroom! You want to grow stable consistent strains which fit great as motherplants so you can get an even more stable flowerproduction or maybe you want to have a stable quality when choosing between different breeders of strains? With our seeds you can meet all of these requirements and we are proud to say that our strains are stable and sufficient in producing high quality top grade cannabis, indoor and outdoor, in rough climates where the temperature and humidity are low and in warm climates where the basic needs of the plants are better meet by higher humidity.

With our new feature you can upload your own harvest to our website through our growlog. Here you can also view other growers and the amazing results they have had using our genetics. It is always important for us to share the best content and therefore we need you to take part of our community.

Let us guide you all the way from seed to harvest through our articles concerning maximising your yield so you can become a better grower and we all can make the world a greener place!

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